"If there are to be problems, may they come during my life-time so that I can resolve them and give my children the chance of a good life."

Kenyan proverb

"Then I say the Earth belongs to each generation during its course, fully and in its right no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its existence"

Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller, philosopher, futurist and global thinker (1895 - 1983)



1. Will the conference be held regardless of Covid-19 situation and in what form?

The conference will be held 100%, most likely in a hybrid form (with online and on-site presentations) but depending on the situation with Covid-19 and/or overall global situation, the organizers reserve the right to switch the conference to full virtual mode. 

2. I am interested in presenting a paper at the SDEWES conference. How can I register? 

New participants need to register in the Comet system for the SDEWES2025, insert their data and photo (optional), and upload their abstracts in the system. In order to be fully registered, participants need to upload their manuscripts and settle the fee within the relevant deadlines.

3. What types of papers can be presented at the SDEWES Conference? 

Archival paper, conference paper and conference abstract. You can choose not to upload a full manuscript and present only your abstract.

4. What are the presentation options at the SDEWES Conference?

Oral and poster presentations are possible for on-site participants. You can present two papers, first one has to be presented orally, and if you have a second one, it has to be presented as a poster.

Online participants can orally present two papers through a prerecorded audio narrated presentation on our Virtual platform.

5. Do you offer any financial/travel aid? 

No, we do not offer any financial or travel aid. 

6. Where can I find the paper and poster template? 

Paper and poster templates are available in the Download zone of your conference account (in the top right corner). 

7. How can I settle the fee? What are the available payment methods? 

Available payment methods are bank transfer, credit card payments, or Paypal (additional fees may apply). In order to settle the fee, please log into your COMET conference account and go to FEE/REGISTRATION menu in order to download a proforma invoice or pay directly with a credit card/Paypal.

8. I can't finalize settling my fee by credit card and I get an error that my payment didn't go through?

It is possible that you have a credit card with an additional payment step which requires generating and inserting an additional code. This is connected with your card issuer and not with us, so please check with them or try another card (alternatively Paypal). If the problem persists, please contact SDEWES Finance department at

9. Does the proforma invoice that is generated automatically have the validity of a final invoice or will I receive a final invoice after payment or during the conference? 

The proforma is just an offer for payment. You will receive the final invoice after we receive the payment. You will be notified by email and the invoice will be available in the Download zone of your conference account (in the top right corner). 

10. Can the invoice be issued to my institution? 

Yes, during your registration in the FEE/REGISTRATION menu you will have the opportunity to insert the information of the institution/company that will settle your fee. Please insert your company's VAT number if it's EU based.

11. My institution can only settle the fee if an invoice is issued in advance (and not a proforma invoice). Can you issue an invoice before payment?

Yes, in order to receive an invoice in advance, please contact the SDEWES Finance department at with your request and institution details (name, address, VAT number).

12. Where is my invoice/receipt of payment? 

Invoice (which also serves as a receipt of payment) will be available in the Download zone of your conference account (in the top right corner) after we receive your payment.

13. I have settled the fee but I'm still getting email reminders?

It is possible that you have a double account in the COMET system and that the fee was settled through your other account. In this case please contact the Conference office at The other possibility is that your finance department did not settle the fee, so before contacting us, please first check with them the status of your payment.

14. If I cancel my attendance/paper how can I get a refund? 

Please notify SDEWES Finance department at We will cancel your paper in the conference account system and refund your fee minus our administrative charge (100 EUR + VAT). Please note that cancelled papers will not be published in Proceedings or invited to a special issue and the request for refund must be made before the relevant deadline.

15. I have a SDEWES voucher from previous conferences, how can I use it?

Simply log in with the same credentials in the COMET system for SDEWES2025 and the fee should be reduced for the voucher amount. In case you've changed your email address, forgot your password or there seems to be something wrong, please contact the Conference office at 

16. How can I apply for a reduced fee? 

Reduced fee requests have to be made through the FEE/REGISTRATION menu in the conference submission system before the relevant deadline. Please check your eligibility first and make sure that you have an accepted abstract before applying.

17. Who is eligible for a reduced fee? 

Authors that have an accepted abstract and meet one of the criterias: being a BSc, MSc or PhD student or being an author studying/working in countries with low GDP. Please check the Fee page for detailed information. In order to benefit from the reduced fee, please respect the relevant deadlines for sending the request and settling the fee.

18. Why can't I get a reduced fee, I am eligible? 

Reduced fee is not automatic, you need to apply for it through the COMET system and before the relevant deadline. If you are trying to apply but the option is disabled in the system, this means that either the deadline has passed or our quota is filled. Either way, at this point the reduced fee is no longer possible even if you are eligible.

19. When will I get my certificate of presentation/attendance/chairing? 

All conference certificates will be available in the Download zone (in the top right corner) of your conference account after the Conference. Please note that certificates will be issued only to participants that have indeed presented a paper, attended the conference, or chaired a session. 

20. What is included in the fee?

All conference fees include a presentation of up to two papers (except the attendance fee), access to the Virtual platform, Conference proceedings and the Book of abstracts. Regular (not online) fees also include lunch and coffee breaks, welcome reception, conference excursion and dinner.

21. I am an on-site presenter, when I will know the schedule?

The conference schedule is finalized a few weeks before the conference and you have to wait for the official email notification. If you want to present on a particular date and know this in advance, please settle the 'Presentation date fee' (100 EUR + VAT) during your registration. You will then be able to select the desired date in advance.

22. I've received the schedule of my presentation but I do not like the presentation date, how can I change it?

Please contact the Conference office at to see if it is still possible to settle the 'Presentation date fee' (100 EUR + VAT) in order to change your schedule. 

23. Can I change my fee from online to regular and vice versa?

Yes. Online fee type is for online presentation/attendance only. If you decide to top up to regular fee type for on-site presentation or attendance, the fee difference must be settled by the deadline on the conference webpage. 

Regular fee type is for online and on-site presentation or attendance. If you decide to present/attend online, or if the event organisers (due to Covid-19 reasons and/or overall global situation) decide to hold the event online-only, you will receive a voucher in the amount of the fee difference to be used for future SDEWES conferences.


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